Corporate Community Connections

Connecting Business And Community

Through our initiative, we are helping businesses build and grow their corporate social responsibility model, allowing them to further engage their staff and become greater social advocates in their regional communities.

Today, consumers and employees are looking for something more than the classic “for profit” model. They want to know that the businesses they buy from and the companies they work for stand for something. They want to be involved in something with purpose and meaning.

We are helping businesses do just that.

By connecting our business partners directly to the community projects we’re supporting we’re helping to empower their employees to take action and volunteer with initiatives they can feel good about. 

Finally, we are using our PR and marketing tools to highlight our partners in unique and positive ways. Using original content combined with impact metrics we are highlighting the good these businesses are doing in their community to both their customers and their employees.

Let us help your business create quality social involvement programs that can engage your regional offices and allow your organization to compete against the National competition and demonstrate your companies community involvement and impact.

For more information on how to get your business involved and become one of our “impact partners” contact our Founder, Ryan Lancaster @